Who am I?

My name is Ali Masri. I am a Data Scientist specialized in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Big Data (Storage, Processing and Analysis). I really like writing about these topics and making them as easy as possible for others.


My main job is a Lead Data Scientist at a French company called Cognitus. I am responsible for leading and mentoring data science and development teams. My second responsibility, which I love the most, is giving data science trainings in multiple data science related domains.


I have a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Paris Saclay in France. My Ph.D. was funded by a French company called VEDECOM. My responsibility was to build an integration solution that connects different transportation systems in the area of Paris. During my research, I published many articles in national and international conferences. See my list of publications from here.


My main hobbies are: cinema, TV, chess, hiking, video games, swimming, and reading.

More Information

For more information I kindly ask you to check my resume from here.

Contact Me

I would love making new friends and talking about random things, life or technology related. Feel free to contact me on the social media links provided in the footer below.